The new YECREA representative for DCC: Ysabel Gerrard

The Digital Culture and Communication section is happy to welcome the new Young Scholars Network of the association (YECREA) representative, Ysabel Gerrard.


Ysabel Gerrard is a PhD Candidate at the School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds, and a Teaching Assistant at the Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield. Her doctoral research, which she is close to submitting, concentrates on the relationship between gender, technology, and pleasure. Ysabel’s work explores the ways in which teen drama fans negotiate their culturally derided pleasures, in an age of social media. Ysabel has also recently co-authored an article on the gendered derisions of a data visualisation, which has been published in the Journal of Communication Inquiry.

Ysabel has numerous aims for her work for the DCC:

Firstly, I am interested in facilitating discussions around the ways in which researchers are conceptualising the ‘digital’. Although the scholars within this section have rich and diverse research interests, it is this particular notion – the ‘digital’ – which arguably unites us. Secondly, I intend to organise events for young scholars at both the DCC’s 2017 workshop, and also at the DCC/Gender & Communication joint workshop. As a young scholar myself, I share my peers’ concerns about the insecure nature of the European academic job market. As the section’s YECREA rep, one of my aims is to open up important conversations about young scholars’ shared concerns, and to discuss some of the opportunities that might arise from this instability.

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