DCC Management Team 2016-18

In ECC2016 in Prague, the Digital Culture and Communication (DCC) section elected a new management team, for the period of 2016-18. The management team is composed by Aristea Fotopoulou, Sander De Ridder and Ana Jorge, who aim to develop a stronger identity for the DCC section around emerging digital practices, cultures and technologies, such as datafication; on methodological issues, as well as a critical approach to these advances.

Meet the Chair and Vice-chairs:

Chair – Aristea Fotopoulou (PhD) is Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications in the School of Media, University of Brighton. She is interested in critical aspects of digital culture, emerging technologies and social change. She is the author of Feminist activism and digital networks: between empowerment and vulnerability (Palgrave/MacMillan). She has published widely in the themes of information politics and big data, digital engagement, media literacy, intersectionality and queer theory, digital networks and feminism. Her research work is located at the intersections of media and cultural studies with science and technologies studies.


Vice-chair – Sander De Ridder (PhD) is a postdoctoral fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) and affiliated to the department of communication studies, Ghent University, Belgium. His main interests broadly include the study of digital media cultures and processes of media power in people’s everyday lives. His work concentrates on dynamics of social and cultural change, related to sense making practices on intimacies, sexualities, relationships and desires.  He published his work in international peer reviewed journals such as New Media and SocietySexualities, and the European Journal of Cultural Studies. Sander is a member of the research group Centre for Cinema and Media Studies (CIMS), and the Consortium on Emerging Directions in Audience Research (CEDAR).


Vice-chair – Ana Jorge (PhD) is a Guest Assistant Professor in Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Lisbon. Ana completed her PhD in Communication Sciences in 2012, on young audiences of celebrity culture, from University NOVA of Lisbon, and has conducted a postdoctoral research (2013-16) with a fellowship from national Foundation for Science and Technology, on media education and consumption. She is currently a member of EU Kids Online network and of Consortium on Emerging Directions in Audience Research (CEDAR), and has participated on international projects covering digital media use by young people (Digital Inclusion and Participation, RadioActive).

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