Welcome to our new DCC YECREA representative Sander de Ridder

Sander_De_Ridder_BildThe management team of Digital Culture and Communication is very happy to welcome Sander de Ridder (Ghent University) as our new representative in the Young Scholars Network (YECREA).

Sander De Ridder holds a PhD in Communication Sciences from Ghent University in Belgium. His main interests include the study of digital media cultures and processes of media power in people’s everyday lives. His work concentrates on dynamics of social and cultural change, related to sense-making practices on intimacies, sexualities, relationships and desires.  He published his work in international peer-reviewed journals such as New Media and SocietySexualities, and the European Journal of Cultural Studies.

Here is Sander’s aims for his work at DCC.

As a young postdoctoral researcher in digital media culture (I defended my PhD in May 2014), I would like to contribute to the emerging methodological and ethical questions PhD students and young scholars in digital culture are dealing with. I have noticed my peers struggling to deal with ethical issues when they are collecting digital data. But I would also like to debate the importance of collecting “big” data for understanding digital culture.  As we started some very interesting discussions in Salzburg related to these issues, I would like to continue them with young DCC scholars.

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